Western Australian Charities Working Together

Charity Link is a collaborative charity organisation which provides the framework for more than one hundred West Australian charities to work together and as such, make the biggest difference possible to thousands of disadvantaged West Australians.

Established in 2001, Charity Link is a registered charity which acts as a central fundraising and coordinating body to provide material aid via our 100+ ‘member’ charities to West Australians experiencing financial hardship and/or crisis.

By working together and using a collaborative approach, Charity Link is able to minimise the cost of fundraising, increase purchasing power, reduce duplication in competition for funds and therefore ensure the optimal use of resources. By using this approach alleviates the pressure experienced by our members and so allows them to focus on their core services.

The innovative, yet logical, approach used by Charity Link is unique to Western Australia and is embraced by Lotterywest who generously provide an annual grant to cover Charity Link’s administration costs. This grant means Charity Link can guarantee 100 per cent of all donations and sponsorships are directed to the purchase of material aid for all appeals.

Our vision is to create a future where all West Australians to have “necessities of life”. As such, Charity Link aim to foster an environment of team work by adding value to those organisations supporting families and individuals in crisis, while promoting opportunities for all Western Australians to be involved in our appeals.

Although Australia by world standards is a wealthy country, the level of poverty in our community is increasing and becoming increasingly entrenched. It is estimated that one in ten Australians live in poverty today – placing more pressure on not-for-profit organisations than ever before.

These same organisations therefore rely now, more than ever, on public and corporate support, yet individuals and corporations are showing signs of donor fatigue as they are inundated with requests for donations.

With little or no marketing resources, many small to medium sized charities are being left behind as larger, high profile organisations gain the lion’s share of public generosity. Here in lies the need for smaller charities to work together to help more of those in need.

Charity Link co-ordinates appeals on behalf of our member charities during the busiest and demanding times of the year: Christmas, Winter and the beginning of the school year.

Charity Link undertakes fundraising and/or secures corporate sponsorship to purchase then distribute material aid to disadvantaged West Australians via our members at these key times. This includes:

  • blankets during our Winter appeal
  • food items and gifts during our Christmas appeal and
  • stationery items as part of our Back 2 School Program.

Once eligibility of recipients is established by our member agencies, a request can be made to Charity Link for the Appeals to meet the needs of recipients. To guarantee the optimal use of resources, Charity Link cross checks the requests for assistance by comparing the recipient lists submitted by all member agencies.

Member agencies are also encouraged to participate in joint fundraising events, link their supporters to Charity Link’s annual appeals, and pool funds and resources.

Located in every region of Western Australia, Charity Link’s 100+ members are predominately ‘grass roots’ organisations and involved in all facets of the community support, including:

  • Aged Care and Senior Services
  • Counselling
  • Community Resource Organisations
  • Crisis and Emergency Accommodation
  • Disability Support Services
  • Emergency Relief
  • Multicultural Services, including Refugee Assistance
  • Victim Support
  • Women's Refuges
  • Youth Services

Our Sponsors

  • Lottery West
  • variety